Neither Good nor Evil 2005


Where alter egos and trompe l´oeil bond

Neither Good nor Evil, but Beyond All Moral Categories is a large scale photographic work. It is off-centerstaged and has a wallpaper like quality. It is non-substantial and still carries information; it is something by referring to other places. The work holds documentary or specific information of other rooms that alter the perception of theproper space it is installed in.

“Lena Séraphin works with reproduction processes, repetitive movements, with the possibilities of overlapping experiences of rooms. The pictures bring together dimensions of spatiality, pairing them together in a way that would not be possible without the reproducing/reproduced picture. The experience melts together, forms a new room, and dresses one room as an other. Illusion, the shifting perception of a reality, becomes the essence of spatiality.”

Maria Hirvi, To take place – serious games with the heterotopias of art, 2005

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