I can’t remember why I’m here – waiting for the next move 2001–2003

Waiting For The Next Move

Are they terrorists waiting to kidnap the daughter of some billionaire?

He was hidden behind a marblecolumn and was watching the nearby staircase. By no means should he be spotted. Lena Séraphins large-scale posters are like film stills from thrillers. The Finnish artist captures situations when people want to hide for a split second. People that are on the run, from others but maybe also from themselves. The motive remains open.

Münchner kultur, 2002

I Can’t Remember Why I’m Here, Waiting For The Next Move is an on-going piece. Each scene is staged and shot in public space thus turning architecture into set design.

The models and protagonists are Jason-Bournes. They impose a sense of control and are like agents surveying targets. But, the images also convey amnesia and a loss of orientation. They show possibilities for negotiable roles and are explicit about characters that control space and simultaneously hide from a forthcoming contact. Exposed in spaces determined for entrances or exits the works blend into public space. They are seen when passing by, fleetingly as a visual peripheral contact. Remember Why I’m Here, Waiting For The Next Move is nonconclusive and dispersed by loops. In every exhibition location a new piece is photographed and a shift between fiction, documentary and artwork is released.

Flash Art, 2001

2003 Casino Royal, Art Kliazma, Moscow
2003 Tomorrow´s News, Gallery 101, Canada
2002 Mediavariations, Lothringen 13, München
2001 Enoncé de circonstance, Centre culturel de rencontre, Lyon

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